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The Power of Culture

I recently participated in an NZIoD panel discussion on the Power of Culture.My ancient Oxford fortified by duct tape doesn’t even mention the culture I was looking forward to talking about.Instead it mentions tillage or cultivation, bacteria, and improvement - either by mental or physical training.

Upon reflection – cultivating an environment in which innovation, collaboration, respect and taking responsibility can thrive is not too far off the mark.Equally, being the medium in which odiousness (bacteria) can develop is also quite relevant.Particularly so is the notion that physical and mental training have something to do with it.

The attendance list for this discussion included people from all over the country clearly indicating that this is a topic exercising many of us at the moment.

Personally, I am passionate about the Power of Culture.But what is Culture?Here’s my take. Culture is an environmental state in which fortunate people find themselves thriving and less fortunate peopl…